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Individual Counselling Sessions

If you are requesting for individual counseling sessions with Dr. Edmund Ng (pro-bono or free for those who cannot afford to pay), please note the following:

a)  Due to my various commitments, I can only take in 6 counselees at any point of time.

b)  Each session lasts 90 minutes via Zoom and the sessions are held on the afternoon of weekdays starting at 2.30 pm (Malaysia/Singapore/Philippine time).

c) Arrangements are made only through email.


I assure you that I will be reading all your emails and giving serious consideration to them. 


However, due to the receipt of too many emails for me to attend to, I will only be able to reply to emails selectively.



If you do not receive a reply from me within a couple of days, you are welcome to bring up and discuss the matter at the next Saturday morning SSC conversation by Zoom. Please SUBSCRIBE to receive the updated Zoom links for each month.

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