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Mental Health

for better self-care,
more effective ministry,
and community outreach

the body of Christ with 

All our monthly teaching videos on mental health have

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language (instructions given on Monthly Videos webpage)

Safe Space Community for Asians (SSC) is a free online ministry that seeks to equip the body of Christ with basic mental health literacy from the medical, psychological, spiritual, and relational perspectives by integrating psychology and theology from an Asian mindset.

We offer short teaching videos on a wide range of mental health topics and corresponding real-life case study blogs that anybody can freely access at any time, whether to learn about something specific or get a quick take before reaching out to help someone with a mental health issue. 

By following and communing with us, you will acquire the counseling knowledge and skills for better self-care and ministry to others when you understand the human nature better.
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Your facilitator: 

Dr. Edmund Ng

Licensed Psychotherapist/ 


Mental health teaching video for this month:

The topic for this month is on V17: Marital Betrayal - Helping the Family to Heal

Videos of the previous months:

V16: Trauma - Understand, Identify, and Address

V15: Grief Ministry in the Aftermath of Disaster or War

V14: When Helping You is Hurting Me (Prevention of Stress) by Dr. Eric Scalise

V13: Strategies to Incorporate Mental Health into our Church Culture

V12 Overcoming Insomnia

V11 Helping Sexually Abused Children

V10 Teaching Video on Christian Meditation for Mental Health and Intimacy with God

M02 Keynote Address for Indonesian Assoc of Psychospiritual Counselors

09 Ministry to the Dying

V08 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

V07 Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

M01 Open Message to Asian Churches

V06 Effective Christian Counseling Skills in the Asian Context 

V05 Removing Corrupted Shame to Free from our Sins and Bondages

V04 Addressing Hidden Shame

V03 Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

V02 The Jesus' Model for Grief Support

V01 The Medical, Psychological, Spiritual and Relational Approach to Address Depression


To watch any of the previous videos, click here

Blogs of the previous months:

B13: My Personal Journey to Promote the Incorporation of Mental Health in Churches

B12: A Supplementary Confirmation of What Works

B11: Depressive Symptoms Traced Back to Child Sexual Abuse

B10: Transcript of Guided Christian Meditation Session

B09: A Tale of Two End-of-Life Journeys

B08: Work-in-Progress of an OCD

B07: A Pastor's Journey from Anxiety to Security in God


B06: Nurturing Relational and Caring Communities in Asian Churches

B05: Set Free from Sexual Sin and Bondages


B04b: Shame (Part 2): Resolving Hidden Shame

B04a: Shame (Part 1): Surfacing from its Hiddenness


J01: Journal Paper: Jesus Also Died For Our Corrupted Shame

B03: From Suicidal to Living with Purpose and Hope

B02: Finding Meaning in Loss

B01: Shame, Interdependence, and Vulnerability

To read any blog, click here

Short extracts of testimonies received:
Thank you for the SSC teaching videos and Saturday morning Zoom conversations for sharing and consultations. Your videos are so helpful to me.
I will uphold yo
u and your ministry in prayer. God is with you.      - L. Lee

Thank you for teaching and sharing valuable information of mental health that really helped me to care for myself and reach out to care and support others. I will continue to share your videos with the people around me.      - Khoo A. L.

I am grateful for Safe Space Community for Asians.  The teaching videos have been very helpful.  I am wondering if it is acceptable for me to forward the link to your youtube channel some contacts that I have in Kenya, Africa.   - M. Skaggs

I have watched the SSC teaching videos and read the blogs and found them to be very informative and enlightening. I will subscribe to the SSC YouTube channel and website to receive the monthly video teachings and case study blogs. Thank you once again for providing this valuable resource to the Christian community.   - Freddy Prakash 

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